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1 Forum Rules on Wed Jul 09, 2008 4:26 am


A Kyle Turned Evil!
We are all at least 13, so you can act it too. Keep your posts no higher than what you'd see on primetime television. If you are unsure if what you are about to post is acceptable, then don't post it. If you post something that YOU think is apropriate but someone reports it, then we will remove it.

► Do not swear/cuss in your posts.
Our filters are here for a reason. We do not want to see any form of profanity here at all. Users who constantly swear will be banned. This includes putting the first letter of the word and *** after it. There is absolutely NO reason at all why you should be allowed to swear, please keep it off of Miniclip, thank you.

► Post-a-thons are not allowed, they will be deleted.
A Post-a-thon is a thread that has absolutely no purpose except to raise your post count. This includes threads like "3 word story", "rate the avatar/sig above you", and others. You're free to start discussions about making avatars and writing stories, but zero-content threads are frowned upon.

► Do not double / triple / etc. post.
If you've made a mistake in your post, forgot to add something in, or need to make any other form of general correction, just use the button to go back and make the necessary changes.
If you're trying to address more than one person's post at a time, just use the multi-quote () button to select each post you want to address. Once a post is selected, the multi-quote button will change color () to indicate that it will be included when you finally hit the button.

The only exception to double / triple / etc. posting, is that if 24 hours have passed since you last posted in the thread, and no post has been made since.

Double, triple, quadruple, etc. posting is considered quite annoying by a number of forum users. Posts will either end up merged together, or deleted as a result, and staff may issue warnings or infractions accordingly.

► Do not create duplicate threads.
There isn't a need for two, three, four, etc. threads regarding the same discussion. If you've posted your discussion in the appropriate forum section, members will reply (give it time, this isn't live chat).
Duplicate threads will be deleted and users will be issued warning / infraction accordingly.

► Do not spam.
This is a simple rule, and this is also the rule we most strictly enforce. Before you post ask yourself "Is my post contributing to the converstaion or thread in any way?" If they answer is NO, then do not post. Only post when you have something to say.

Posting to increase your post count will get you a ban, and we will reduce your post count by ONE HALF, regardless of who you are, or how many posts you have. In extreme cases, spammers are permabanned.

► Posting links in every topic is irritating to other users.
You can discuss your opinions on other websites here maturely, but do not post links in every post you make. We're here to talk and chat, not to look at other websites. You should also NOT advertise in your posts. If you have a website, that's great! You can advertise in your avatar, signature, and profile.

► No personal attacks on other users. (or Staff for that matter)
You are here on Miniclip because you are a mature individual. We should not have to see any flamewars or problems, but they do arise. Do not flame and troll users. This includes purposely posting in other forums with the intent to cause trouble and irritate others. You will be banned if you do so.

Attacking websites that are owned and operated by Miniclip employees and staff is also considered attacking Staff, and is a bannable offense.

► Posting excessive links to other gaming sites and forums might well upset us enough to ban you as well. Our egos are fragile - be careful!
Miniclip is about Miniclip, not the other gaming websites. You are free to discuss your favorite games from other sites online, but do not be an "Ad Bot" and do nothing but talk about other websites.

► Do not bump topics.
"Bumping" is defined as posting in a thread that is no longer active. If you have something that really is worthwhile and contributes to the thread then by all means post! If you're posting just to say "lol that wuz kool" in a 1 year old thread, then you're going to get yourself into trouble.

► No Advertising.
If you have a website, that's fine. You can put a link in your signature, and also your profile. Do not start new threads or posts advertising your website. Repeat offenders will be banned.

► One username/account per person.
Each person may have only one account on Miniclip Forum . If you lose your password use the forgot password link to create a new password. Anyone who is found to have multiple accounts may have all accounts banned.

► Post in the correct forum.
This may seem obvious, but many users don't do it! Read the forum title and description carefully and decide which one your thread belongs in. If you're unsure, feel free to ask.

► Do not ask why a user was banned.
The forum staff are not obligated to give reason or explanation as to why a member no longer has access to the forum. The only ones that need to be concerned are the forum staff and the member who had their privileges removed.

The forum is for constructive comments, help on games, etc. If you wish to talk about other topics, please do so in the forum designated for your interests. (Music, General Chat, Television, Jokes, etc)

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